Content is Still King

You may or may not agree that, in digital and offline marketing, content is still king. However what you might have not realised, is that content is becoming more and more relevant in SEO and SEM. As Google pays more attention to relevant content hosted on your website, from video to PDFs to images, we need to concentrate more efforts on how we implement our SEO and Content generation strategy together.

Content Marketing is now an umbrella which covers many areas of marketing in B2B and B2C industries. In B2B we see content creation in forms of ‘Thought Leadership’ documents, educational videos and direct mail. In B2C content marketing is now being seen more in Social Selling and co-creation campaigns.

As said by Forbes recently: “Business owners and marketers should continue to focus on creating high-quality content guided by solid keyword research based on SEO competition and keyword research, with a focus on topical and long-tail targeting. But the days of picking a handful of keywords and putting all efforts toward becoming ranked #1 for those keywords are over. Competition is simply too high in all industries now; there’s always going to be at least one other brand doing it better and spending a higher budget than you.”

The days of ‘Spray and Pray’ methods of marketing is over. Now you will need to identify your target audience in even more detail and create personas, and create content which tells a story, with your solution being the ‘Archetype’. A good marketer will have an integrated SEO strategy which is planned and running in parallel with their content creation and Social Media campaigns.

Remember, now more than ever, SEO is ever-evolving. So be sure to create a short and long term SEO strategy, or choose an agency which you can trust to ride the waves with you and consider them as a close partner for the long haul.