Since 1970, Diamond Secret‘s passion has been to manufacture exquisite diamond jewellery and supply the retail trade across the UK. As a notable part of Hatton Garden, Diamond Secret was created to serve customers directly, with the vision of ‘selling stunning engagement rings and diamond jewellery, at unrivalled ‘trade’ prices without compromising on the quality’.





Website design & development: Diamond Secret required a new responsive eCommerce website, optimised user experience, simple to use and expandable in the future. The system will include a product configurator with a live feed from diamond suppliers, with the ability to configure your bespoke diamond. The system will also take payments through the ecommerce/payment systems integrated with SagePay.

Branding & graphic design: To design a luxury brand, an up-market and inviting feel, with the right dose of quirkiness. The colours, fonts, etc. and graphics should follow the brand ID.

eMarketing & social media: To modify the website and content for the purpose of improving its natural rank on search engine results pages (SEO – search engine optimisation). Also, to set up social media channels, complete with graphics following the brand ID and increase following.



Hatton Garden, London, UK



We developed a state of the art website, designed to sell and provide a smooth user experience. The responsive eCommerce platform autoscales to fit the different device screen sizes. We made sure it is simple to use and scalable so it can expand in the future. We achieved the main goal of promoting the new Diamond Secret brand, making it easy for the user to find the information required and make purchases. We also put emphasis in the back-end, the administrative area, making it easy for the client to use his system.

The custom build diamond configurator, allows the user to customise his diamond to his specifications with 12 options to configure. The system is integrated with diamond suppliers and the payment system seamlessly.

We run an initial 3 months intensive eMarketing campaign to put in place the core foundation of search engine optimisation attributes on the new Diamond Secret website, seeing significant results in search engine organic traffic and ratings. We also set up and increased the following on Twitter and Facebook during the intensive e month programme to gaining new targeted users/potential customers.


– Monthly traffic increased by average 45%

– The eCommerce system allows to process orders easily, efficiently and securely

– Developed a bespoke diamond configurator giving the user ability of customising a diamond to your unique specifications

– We continue to support Diamond Secret in their online jurney, with our marketing expertese and ongoing improvements to the website


Check the Diamond Secret website here