Glafka was formed in 2013 with the belief that simpler is better.

Our desire to start glafka came from our belief in simplicity and the desire to create a very different agency culture and working environment. Our vision is to be cross disciplinary, collaborative and non-hierarchical, with the ultimate goal of allowing our people to flourish by being creative and innovative in everything that we do. The dream of doing things our own way became a reality when the company was incorporated at the end of 2013.

Simplicity is often misjudged and narrowly defined, we believe that its a powerful philosophy which is actually hard to describe. In business terms, one of the ambassadors of simplicity, Apple maybe understand this philosophy more than anyone with their simple product design and marketing. I personally and i’m sure most consumers are drawn on the products and services that are designed in a simple way or simply “just work”. We are naturally drawn to the brands that embrace simplicity, similarly from architecture, to fashion, to travel, I am inspired to things and ideas that simplify my life. This is not just for the design of a product, its also on how things work, this way I can focus on the other more important parts of life.

Therefore it is safe to say that simple is an idea, which means everything starts with a clear, simple idea and eventually evolves into the end solution. We think broadly about how to bring that idea to life and execute across many different channels. We’re not a digital agency trying to figure out how to fit into the traditional ways, nor the opposite. We incorporate our ideology to all that we do, in design as well as how we work , how we treat people, how we build relationships with clients, how we approach problems, our culture. From our core, we strive to create a culture that is unique, open and collaborative. That attracts the best talent and provides a springboard for developing ideas that make a meaningful difference.

We’re only at the beginning, but our goal is to do smart work, produce better results for our partners and have fun while we do this. We crave for a challenge and the satisfaction that comes from helping our clients businesses for the better. I think our biggest advantage over most agencies is our agility, we started our company with a blank sheet of paper and can quickly adapt as we are not based on legacy structures and business models. This allows us to be disruptive when needed, focused on innovation and delivering what our clients really need today.

We love to make things, we live in a world where creations are at the forefront of society. We strive to be inventive and we have the focus and commitment to create great things. our results will speak for themselves.