Tomy K or Tomy Karaiskos in full, is a Greek graphic designer / textile designer. He has worked with various advertising agencies in Greece as an Art Director before starting working as a freelancer. Started out by experimenting with paper, creating paper artworks for personalised frames, expressing his artistic visions and soon the Tomy K brand became popular in the local market which led to the expansion of the product offering.


tomy k portraitnew



Website redesign: We had to redesign Tomy K’s website, modernising it and following very strict branding and design specification from the artist himself (of course).



Beautiful Athens, Greece



Following the clients specific brand guidelines, we developed a responsive eCommerce platform that autoscales to fit in the different device screen sizes. With the UX (user experience) in mind, we made sure it is simple to use and scalable so it can expand in the future. It promotes the Tomy K brand and its ethos, making it easy for the user to find the information required and make purchases. We also put emphasis in the back-end, the administrative area, making it easy for Tomy K to use his system.



– Sales increased by 85% in the first quarter following the launch of the website and continue to exceed targets

– Monthly traffic increased by average 15%

– The eCommerce system allows to process orders easily, efficiently and securely

– We continue to support Tomy K in their online jurney, with our marketing expertese and ongoing improvements to the website


Check the Tomy K website here